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Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Green Bay Monday, August 12, 2019

What happened at the meeting of Monday, August 12, 2019

Important News!! She’s Finally Here!! Welcome our Exchange Student!!

Our exchange student, Rasita (or Smile as she will be called) arrives this week at Austin Straubel Airport. She is arriving from Thailand. She will be leaving home in the morning, flying west and arriving the day before. That International Date Line is a weird thing.

She arrives on United Airlines flight 4413 on Thursday, August 15th at 10:27 PM. Smile will be our speaker next Monday so we especially ask that if you cannot make it Thursday evening, please come to our August 19 meeting to formally welcome her to Green Bay.

We still have an available spot for a host family. That spot is the third one, covering the last 3-12 months of her visit with us (early-mid April to mid July) If you know of anyone who might be willing to open their home to this student, please let Malinda (Mindie) O’Neill know about it. Mindie’s contact information is in DACdb.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Friday, August 16, 9:00 AM Your Board of Directors meets at the Brown County Library (Downtown) for their monthly meeting. Come find out what the board is discussing, fill a Red to Blue Badge requirement and learn more about your club. This is a great way to find out how the club operates.
  • Monday, August 19, noon We are anticipating the arrival of our Rotary Exchange student, Rasita (or as she refers to herself, Smile). Please be here to welcome her and hear a little about her homeland of Thailand and what she hopes to do while with us. She will be arriving in mid August and when we have that date/time, it will be forwarded to members so those that can, might greet her at arrival at the airport.
  • Tuesday, August 20, 7:30 AM The Membership committee meets at Copper State (corner of Dousman and Broadway) for their monthly planning meeting. If you are a part of this committee, would like to be, or have an idea to share, please consider meeting with them and enjoy a coup of coffee (if that’s your thing).

Good News

Our recipient for this quarter, as nominated by Russ Wood, is The Joseph Project. This organization helps people of need find work. Members at todays meeting shared good news about their families and work. Good news from all. Thanks to each of you.

A Reminder! There was a challenge made to District Governor Handrick that if he wore the leopard ears from the podium, certain members of our club would donate a combined total of$100 to the Good News fund for this quarter. Well, he did it. Steve's last district video newsletter showed him in all his finery. So to all ofyou who urged him to do this, it's now time to pay the piper (or skin the cat, as it were)!

Community Service Project (Continued Appeal for Volunteers)

We have committed to a Vision Project and are looking for Volunteers. This project takes 2-4 hours, depending on the number of students at a location and involves walking students from the classroom to the testing area, and back. The schedule of volunteer needs for September is:

Monday, Sep 16, Tank Elementary, 814 S. Oakland Ave, 9:00 AM
Thursday, Sep 19, Wequiock Childrens Ctr, 3994 Wequiock Road, 9:00 AM

The GBAPS has a sign up sheet to coordinate volunteers. Use this web address to sign up as a volunteer (
If this is your first volunteer with GBAPS you will need to have a background check completed. This protects your good name and the students. To begin that process, please click this link (its the same link address but once there you will have to click on the background check)

A New RotarianToday we welcomed a NEW Rotarian. New to our club, but a Rotarian with three years of history in the Stevens Point Club. Welcome Brant Bergeron. He told us that he had lived in Green Bay a while back, but has spent the bulk of his adult life in the Stevens Point area. Brant works at Digi Copy, the store that printed our centennial booklet (and a fine job they did too) Welcome “home” Brant and we hope that you find this club to be rather fulfilling.

At right is a picture of Brant introducing himself. Please make sure to give him a Great Big Green Bay “Hello” when you see him at the next meeting.

Great Lakes Pirates

Your President, Steve, recently returned from an adventure sailing on Lakes Michigan and Superior. He gave us presentation on that trip, including slides. The photos showed some of the beauty of the north shores along with a little tomfoolery the crew of that sailboat enjoyed. Following are several of the scenic pictures.

great lates rotary 01

       a Beaver Island sunrise                  a private island hideaway

great lates rotary 02

       still waters at days end                             evening time

Thanks for being a Rotarian
Steve Mastalir, President

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