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Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Green Bay Monday, June 23, 2019

Upcoming Events,

  • June 24: Rotary Jeopardy at noon
  • June 24th Changing of the Guard - 5:30 pm Graystone Ale House

Committee meetings…

  • Reminder – No meeting on July 1st – Happy 4th of July!!

Dear Green Bay Rotarians,

We had an interesting presentation last Monday from Bill Dirienzo, an Assistant Professor at UW Green Bay-Sheboygon. His area of expertise is the development of new stars, but he just opened up to any questions our members had – and there were many, like “is there life like ours in another galaxy?”(far, far, away). Yes, said Bill, there might be, since the Copernican principle says we cannot consider our own galaxy experience unique. i.e., we are not the privileged. How humbling.

We had an interesting presentation last Monday from Bill Dirienzo an Assistant Professor at UW Green Bay Sheboygon

Speaking of humbling (like that segue?). I will be spending my last Monday as your club president. It has been a great experience. I have learned so much about Rotary and have become so much more connected to our great Green Bay Rotarians.

I just returned from a weekend trip to Cedar Falls, Iowa. My daughter was born there 31 years ago, my husband I were married there (not in that order), and we both worked at the University of Northern Iowa for 28+ years. It was also the place where my very good friend, Jim Lubker, brought me to my first Rotary meeting. I was hesitant to go, but did, and I was unimpressed: with the format, the singing, and the dominance of what I assumed to be a mid 20th century view of the community world in Cedar Falls. Fast forward twenty years, and last night over dinner in CF, I told Jim I was finishing my year as the Rotary Club of Green Bay president. You could hear his laughter over the entire restaurant.

I would not have accepted the position as your club president if I thought the Green Bay Rotary Club was the same as I saw twenty years ago. The faces of Rotary Club members have changed with the faces of the leadership in our communities. Businesses serve side-by side- with not-for profit groups, because they know how partnerships work to improve communities.

Our Rotary Club is not perfect, but it is headed in the right direction. Our club is not yet totally representative of our communities. We know that. But it is my hope that in the next twenty years we will ensure that any individual who comes to an initial meeting doesn’t say, “I am not impressed.”

It has been a great year for me, and I hope I have moved our club forward. My thanks to all of you who believe in Rotary.

We will play Rotary Jeopardy on Monday at noon– so get your thinking caps on!!

Community Service Calendar:

  • March – Odd Fellows Bingo
  • July 19th - Cops & Bobbers contact kevinwa@greenbaywi.gov
  • August – UWGB Back Pack
  • November – Ride for Polio

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