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Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Green Bay Monday, June 2, 2019

Upcoming Events,

  • June 3: Tall Ships
  • June 10: Community Service Award
  • June17: William Dirienzo “Latest Discoveries in the Universe”
  • June 24: Rotary Jeopardy at noon
  • June 24th Changing of the Guard - 5:30 pm Graystone Ale House
  • Committee meetings…..
  • FEA -June 5, 8:30 am 310 Pine Street

Happy Birthday to these Rotarians who have June Birthdays:

  • Jim Lineau – June 17
  • Joyce McCollum – June 25

Happy Anniversary to these Rotarians!

  • Tom Friese – 1996
  • Howard Hauser – 2017
  • Julian La Mue – 1996
  • John McCormick – 2018
  • Tom Prust – 1983
  • Tom Shefchik - 2018

Dear Green Bay Rotarians,

Welcome to June!
I enter the last month of my service as President of the Green Bay Rotary Club with unrest. It has been a humbling experience and I have loved serving the club in many capacities, yet a year is never enough to accomplish all that was placed on my wish-list back in June of 2018.

I wanted to increase our membership – and we have added more members than in past years, but we have also lost a considerable number as well – so we are at about even. I believe our new members are a great bunch and they will enliven and enrich our club in the years to come. Special thanks are extended to the membership committee under Howard Hauser’s leadership for all of their new ideas and commitment.

I had wanted to expand our community service projects – and thanks to the Community Service Committee under the leadership of Mike Martin, we have come up with a plan. Yet it seems that as much as our club members wish to serve our community, attendance at these events has been paltry – but it is a start and we will continue to work on it.

Under Gina Evans leadership, the new governance committee has provided some needed club infrastructure. The committee has set up committee roles and responsibilities, in writing - with specific yearly goals. The Club also approved new By-Laws that provides a clearer picture of club members responsibilities.

We still need to develop a plan, so we can work with other clubs in the Green Bay area. There is so much we can do if we all work together – and frankly there are more district grant opportunities if we pool our resources with other Green Bay Rotary Clubs.

I am not the only Rotary official that is contemplating their last month. Below are the musings of the current Rotary International President Barry Rassin as he approaches his last month. I have to admit that even though I fuss about my unfulfilled accomplishments as one club president amidst 32,000 Rotary club Presidents around the world, I am so very proud to be a Rotarian and a part of what all Rotarians contribute to peace and humanitarian service in the world.

Here is Barry Rassin's June 2019 Newsletter. Barry summarizes his year as Rotary International President and believes that Rotary's capacity to transform lives for the better is unparalleled. Rotary's impact is far beyond what he could have imagined when he first took office. Seeing what Rotary means to people has deepened his affection and admiration for all that Rotary is and does ..........

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

As I look back on all the things I have seen and the people I have met since becoming president of Rotary International last July, I am certain of this: Rotary’s capacity to transform lives for the better is unparalleled. Our impact is far beyond anything I could have imagined when I first became a Rotarian.

I think about the Rotarians I met in Pakistan, who partnered with Coca-Cola to improve sanitation in Karachi’s neighborhoods while supporting polio eradication efforts. I think about the Puerto Rican Rotarians who are helping entire communities rebuild their lives after Hurricane Maria. I think about the German Rotaractors who are working to save bees — whose role as pollinators is so important to our planet — from extinction. I think about the six Rotarians and Rotaractors who were honored as People of Action: Young Innovators at Rotary Day at the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya, in November for their work to create novel solutions to tough challenges.

It seems like only yesterday that I stood on a stage in San Diego and asked you to Be the Inspiration in your clubs, in your communities, and in the world. Your response was an inspiration to me. You are paving the way for Rotaractors to become our future leaders, helping start new Rotaract clubs and working to include Rotaractors in Rotary events and projects in your communities. You are working hard to eradicate polio, participating in 4,200 events in more than 100 countries for World Polio Day. And you are carrying out transformative projects that will create lasting change in your communities and in the world.

This year, I also saw how Rotary’s work to build peace is bearing fruit. The 98 Rotary Peace Fellows who are studying at our peace centers will soon graduate, joining more than 1,200 others in applying their conflict resolution skills to problems that need solutions. And this month, Esther and I will travel to Hamburg, Germany, for a convention where people of all races, nationalities, religions, and political backgrounds will unite because they want to make the lives of all people better.

Seeing what Rotary means to people — to the communities we serve and to Rotarians themselves — has deepened my affection and admiration for all that Rotary is and does.

Soon it will be time for Esther and me to return home to Nassau. When we get there, I will look out on the vast sea that surrounds our island, and it will remind me of Rotary’s limitless possibilities, and of the amazing future that awaits us beyond the horizon. I look forward to sailing there with you.

Community Service Calendar

  • March – Odd Fellows Bingo
  • August – UWGB Back Pack
  • November – Ride for Polio

See you on Monday!!

Rotary Club of Green Bay
President 2018-2019

be inspred 2019

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