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Welcome To Rotary Club Of Green Bay

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Green Bay.

This club recently celebrated 100 years of service in Green Bay. But a question Rotarian’s have heard for nearly as long, is “What is Rotary?”

Rotary, this club and clubs like it around the world, is a collection of ordinary people that, together, can do extraordinary things. Imagine growing up here and working here, but one day looking to travel. That happened to me. I traveled to northern Italy nearly 12 years ago to visit friends. While there, I visited a Rotary club in Vicenza, Italy. Unable to speak much more than “yes”, “no” and “thank you” in Italian, I met a Rotarian at that meeting who spoke English. Today, 12 years later, I still remain in contact with friends made on that trip. We share ideas, information and congratulations on successes.

Green Bay is home the Green Bay Packers, an organization with a worldwide fanbase. It is not uncommon to hear from a Rotarian traveling to Green Bay to visit Lambeau Field or for a business trip. Invariably they contact us for information and/or assistance. Such has been the case from a Rotarian and his daughter from Calgary, Canada, a brother and sister from northern Italy and a gentleman from south central Brazil. In each case, a relationship that starts with Rotary, creates an avenue of service. Perhaps it is a water project in Uganda or a factory in India to provide an increased standard of living for 30 families that would otherwise have little or no family income. Or perhaps it is a project in Green Bay to address the needs of students with dental issues, that today has served more than 11,000 students.

Rotary is a worldwide family. This family is formed through membership. As a family, this helps us to work together to plan and execute a project half way around the world. Or, to develop a program that has become the standard for all others, to entrust a Rotary Club half way around the world with their children. A Rotary Youth Exchange student comes from Belgium, Japan, Argentina or Thailand, and spends a year as a student here while a student from here goes overseas for a year. Students have been heard to describe this year as “not the greatest year of my life, just the greatest so far”. And the parents know their child is being watched over by the family of Rotary.

Rotarians in Green Bay have created four clubs that allow persons in the area to find a date, place and time that fits. Rotarians, as they travel, can find any of 32,000 clubs worldwide, to visit. Any Rotarian visiting another club is welcomed and made to feel part of the family. As we share experiences, stories and ideas, we learn more about what Rotary means around the world.

Rotary is an organization that continues to grow and adapt to what members want. As a Rotarian of nearly twenty years, I have been able to learn from those that are or were a part of this club as far back as the 60’s. I have the luxury of working with today’s Rotarian’s to continue the successes of all prior Rotarians, and to share and work with, and teach, the Rotarian’s of tomorrow, to continue the legacy of Rotary in Green Bay for another one hundred years. Rotary, you are off to a SUPER FANTASTIC start.

Steve Mastalir, President
Rotary Club of Green Bay