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Guidelines For “Friends Of Rotary” Status

“Friend of Rotary” Privileges

  • A Friend of Rotary is invited and entitled to:
  • Attend Rotary meetings, paying for meals on a pay as you go basis
  • Participate in activities and fund raisers 
  • Serve on standing or special committees
  • Contribute to and solicit funds for Club projects

A Friend of Rotary shall:

  • Receive the club newsletter and magazine
  • Be issued a Special badge-
  • Attend a special orientation 
  • Actively participate in at least one Rotary sponsored project or committee each year.
  • Attend one or more meeting or event each year
  • Pay  “Friends” dues of $25 per quarter 
  • be obliged to comply with all applicable District Protection Policies with respect to programs and activities of the club that involve youth and vulnerable adults. 

“Friend of Rotary”: Limitations

  • A Friend of Rotary is not a member of the Club or Rotary District and therefore is not entitled to:
  • Vote on club issues a voting member
  • Hold office in the Green Bay Rotary Club
  • Hold any District office
  • A “Friend of Rotary” is not entitled to the rights nor subject to the responsibilities of membership of the club except to the extent provided in these guidelines.

Application and Review

  • An  application distinct from that of the Rotary membership application will be filed by the individual wishing to obtain the “Friend of Rotary” status or by a sponsor member of rotary with the applicants concurrence
  • The status request will be forwarded to the membership committee for initial consideration and then  referred to a subcommittee of last 3 club presidents
  • Status must be approved by the membership committee on an annual basis on recommendation of the subcommittee
  • When considering the application the committee and subcommittee shall consider 
  • The intended manner of participation by the applicant
  • Contributions to Rotary by the applicant in the form of financial support, participation in events, or other actions or activities of the applicant consistent the four way test and the spirit of service above self
  • Financial concerns of the applicant
  • Ability to attend meetings on a regular basis

Duration of status

  • “Friend of Rotary” may be maintained indefinitely depending on annual reviews 
  • If at any time a Friend of Rotary expresses a wish to become a member of the club, the normal procedures for qualification as a member, nomination and acceptance by the Board of the Club shall apply.

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