Grant Application

For funding consideration, please submit a signed formal letter on your organization’s stationary to the mailing address below. Please submit all information requested below.

    1. Summary of your organization’s mission.
    2. Specific dollar amount requested.
    3. Description of program/service. Indicate if new, or an expansion of existing project.
    4. How funding will be used  to further develop your organization.
    5. How outcomes/results will be measured.
    6. From what other sources is the organization receiving funding.
    7. From where does your annual unrestricted net revenue come.
    8. With what other organizations do you collaborate to achieve your mission.
    9. Please review our foundation’s mission statement above and indicate how your organization will fulfill our expectations.

Rotary Foundation of Green Bay, Inc.
Attention: Miranda Bonde
P.O. Box 5
Green Bay, WI 54305-0005